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Aesthetic Medical Practice - Operating Room No. 1

OR #1 - 2016 Bovie Smoke Shark Ref: SE02-220 Part:ARVV220; ZOLL AED PLUS IP55 Crash Cart: 2008 SonoSite MicroMAXX Ultrasound System Ref# P06418-20R; 2009 SonoSite MicroMAXX Ultrasound System Ref# P05482-26; Maxenon Xi 300 3010; Thermo Fischer Water Bath 2823; Gomco Aspirator Model 3040; Datex-Ohmeda Astiva/5 7900 Con 1006-9305-000; 2011 GE Model IPX1 6051-0000-164-01; Skytron Elite 6500; Kendall Sequel MASC No. 29070; Philips Burton Lights AI00SC; Philips Burton Lights AI00SC.
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Item: 53756-1
Asking Price: N/A

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