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(1) 1998 Vermeer D24X26 Directional Drill

Cummins 2500 rpm 80 hp (59.7 kw) Engine. Includes Drill Rod. OPERATIONAL SPECS - Maximum Carriage Speed at Maximum Engine RPM: 60 ft/min (18.3 m/min); Maximum Spindle Speed at Max Engine RPM: 260 rpm; Minimum Bore Diameter: 3.5 " (8.9 cm); Maximum Ground Drive Speed at Maximum Engine RPM: .8 mph (1.2 km/h); Automated Rod Loader: Yes Drill Rack Angle: 18 deg.; Fuel Tank: 35 gal (132.5 L); Hydraulic Tank: 40 gal (151.4 L); Drilling Fluid System - Maximum Flow: 28 gpm (106 L/min), Maximum Pressure: 1600 psi (110.3 bar). Includes: Side Load Vise Breakout System and Stationary Stakedown System. FEATURES: A. Thrust Cylinder - More accurate thrust and pull back power (Other manufacturers choose to use hydraulic powered motors and sprocket driven chains for thrust causing efficiency loss through the motors); B. Floating Head Design - The floating head design helps make it easier to thread and unthread a joint or the drive chuck onto the drill stem. This helps prevent thread wear and increases the life of the drill stem and drive chuck. The drive chuck can be threaded onto a drill stem without applying pressure to the gearbox. C. Torque Pressure Limiter - Provides proper makeup torque to drill stem joints. Does not allow the operator to over-torque the drill stem on the power vise jaws. Increases the life of the drive chuck and drill stem. D. Automated Rod Loader - Eliminates the use of a 3rd man, making it a 2-man operation cutting labor costs for owners. It is also user friendly. E. Two Piece Drive Clutch (Sub Saver) - It costs less to replace a sub saver after thread wear rather than the complete drive chuck. F. Hydraulic Power Vise - No wrenches are needed to couple and uncouple the drill stem. The hydraulic power vise is controlled/operated from the operator station. This eliminates the risk of injury. G. Self-Contained Unit - No hosing or umbilical cords to mess with. easy loading and unloading. Track right to the job site and ready to drill. H. Two-Speed Hydraulic Drive for Rotation Gearbox - Allows the operator to match torque and rotational speed to changing ground conditions. I. 360' Permanent Rod Box with Detachable 240' Rod Box Clip. Starts, runs, operational.
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Item: 53399-1
Asking Price: $18,500.00

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