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Even a seasoned equipment purveyor can run into problems when buying repossessed assets. Liens, title issues, logistics, condition of equipment, and price negotiation are just a few of the many different pitfalls that can be encountered.

Nassau is always focused on the end result, navigating tirelessly through the political and legal obstacles surrounding repossessions. We liquidate assets methodically through the legal process. We act as a liaison between the defaulted company, the financier or trustee, and ultimately the buyer.

Many times buyers assume purchasing a repossession is as simple as paying the overdue balance. That is simply not the case. There is a strict legal process called a "commercially reasonable sale" that we adhere to before selling our inventoried assets. This process protects the lender, the lessee, and/or the borrower.

Our entire sales process is tailored to converting these assets legally from encumbered property to a free and clear saleable asset.

Purchasing reposessed assets can be a very complex yet rewarding process. Let Nassau work through all the red tape while you reap the rewards.

Please call us at 1-800-4NASSAU for more information.

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