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Nassau's Collection Services

Nassau has a unique ability to provide superior collection recovery results based upon the following:

First, we have been a commercial leasing and specialty finance industry leader in the areas of asset appraisal, recovery, liquidation, collection and litigation services for over 20 years.

Second, the majority of Nassau’s management and collectors come from leasing backgrounds, and understand the intricate nuances concerning leasing contracts and the correct approaches needed to succeed.

Third, Nassau offers a unique turn-key operational approach in that we can handle all facets of bad debt assignments, including collections, investigations, asset valuations, repossessions, and a national Attorney service if litigation is required.

This additional “muscle” is particularly beneficial for accounts assigned with equipment still in place, as we can often leverage the collection by immediately setting up a repossession through our asset group - and then continue collection efforts on the deficiency balance.

Other collection agencies do not have the in-house capability to leverage equipment which remains in place without a reassignment to a different repossession agent, which reduces their negotiating strength and wastes valuable time and resources.

In addition, Nassau has developed a sophisticated, interactive global web site (in addition to being the heart of our extensive remarketing programs and efforts), that provides the capability for direct account assignments, communication with the assigned Nassau representative, and an in depth account specific overview of your assigned portfolio. This technology, when coupled with Nassau's one-stop outsourcing solutions, provides you with considerable operational cost savings by providing an efficient outsourcing approach to your portfolio needs, with a limited number of touches.

As a result, departmental workloads are eased as you work solely with Nassau from "cradle to grave." We are confident this provides a significant and direct cost/expense benefit, as we understand your need to utilize agencies providing both a strongest liquidation results, as well as cost effective programs and performance.

View our Collections Group Summary Brochure for affitional information.
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