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How To Place Accounts With Nassau

Nassau Asset Management works exclusively for the Leasing, Finance, and Lending community. If you represent a lender and would like to place an account:

FIRST TIME CLIENTS: Call 800-4-Nassau (462-7728) Ask for or dial Denise Castagna (ext. 310). We will first need to create your client user account. You can initiate this prior to calling by clicking this link and registering as a new client. Be sure to click the radio button for Financial Institution.

REPEAT CLIENTS: Once your account has been set up and you have a user name and password its very easy to assign all new accounts on line once you are logged in. If you are a returning client who would like to send another account clicking here to log on.

When filling out the placement screen, please be sure to click the options designating the reason for the placement ie. Voluntary or Involuntary repossession, collections only, etc. There is a place where you can add special instructions.

Once an account has been placed please email the back up documents to or fax them to our attention at 516-625-1981 with the header "lease documentation".

Back up documents consist of Lease or Loan documents, UCC filings, Original Vendor invoices, Collector notes, and anything you feel will be helpful.

You can track the progress of your placement on line 24 hours by logging into your account. There are several search features. When viewing your placements on line they are searchable by your lease number, Nassau account number, open/ closed, etc. You can view and print condition reports on line, see bids, and much more.
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