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Nassau's Repossession Services

Reliable. Nassau understands your needs as a lender. Your problem becomes our problem. Our success is your success.

Competent. Repossession laws vary from state to state we operate by the book. Trust Nassau to recover your equipment without incident. Our reputation is our most valuable asset. We hope you won't mind if we give you sound advice from the field. If we feel a recovery requires a court order we help you weigh the costs vs equipment value (free of charge.)

Insured. We understand your sensitivity to risk. Nassau carries sufficient insurance. Our bond is available upon request.

Experienced. Since 1986 Nassau has repossessed and sold just about anything that can be leased or financed. We evaluate every move to ensure each and every asset is moved safely, stored properly, and is showcased in its best sale environment.

Cost Effective. Our business model relies on commission from the equipment sale not the repossession fees. Nassau's pricing is extremely fair and competitive.

Timely. If an asset can be found we will find it. Rest assured our people are working for you 24x7x365.

Efficient. Assign and track your placements on line any time. You can obtain up to the minute status on all your accounts via password protected access to your Nassau placements. Simply log in, search accounts, click the name of the account representative and communicate. No more wasted time finding answers. We give you the tools to manage exceptions while keeping track of flowing business. Extend your workforce with Nassau.

No Surprises. We quote a price and stick to it. We will not repair, clean, or charge anything without your approval in writing.
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